I went to HubSpot's INBOUND Marketing Conference this September, learned a lot, shared a lot of knowledge, and met some amazing people. I made a Slideshare to commemorate the 6 practical marketing and sales tips I got from all the amazing people I met at INBOUND.

Tip 1: Be Insane

One thing I learned at INBOUND is that you need to test, re-test, and do crazy things. If something's not working, do things out of the ordinary. IMPACT Branding removed their entire blog sidebar because their conversions were not where they wanted them to be.

They removed the sidebar, paired with some blog design improvements, and increased their conversions by 74%. Read more about their decision to do that on IMPACT's blog

“It’s hard to get something across, unless you do something bold.” Brooke Hammerling Founder, Brew Media Relations @brooke

Tip 2: Be Human

I attended Ekaterina Walter's fantastic panel on her book "The Power of Visual Storytelling". A main focus of her talk was looking at being human, and what better way to be human than to use humor to reach your audience.

She showed a really powerful example of a boring product's messaging being human and almost being self aware that it is boring.


“Don’t just create marketing campaigns. Build tribes. Inspire movements.” Ekaterina Walter @ekaterina


Tip 3: Be Proactive

I met two fantastic people from MaxCDN, Kareem Ghanie and Kris Kayaal, who shared how to be proactive about engaging leads. There's a pre-qualifying process that happens when a person fills out a form for their consultation, that allows them to understand if they should call the lead back within a certain time frame or not.

They also taught me about re-engaging cold leads in your database. Set a workflow to change lead status if no activity in 60 days. Change tactics from nurturing to engagement, and send a simple email to these leads.

“Instead of selling, you educate and inform.” David Meerman Scott @dmscott


Tip 4: Be Focused

Something I found really helpful at the conference was the amount of energy put forward toward focusing your efforts.

I went to a few panels that spoke on re-targeting. A few tips is to try to target niche topical efforts through Facebook to get them interested in your material. 

“When you look at successful attempts at transformation you will see an act of reframing the problem that makes the revolution possible.” Malcolm Gladwell @gladwell


Tip 5: Be Natural

Another tip I received from the conference was to add a default checked blog subscription checkbox to all of your current forms. This is a way to naturally encourage someone to continually hear from you.

People are only going to uncheck if they REALLY don’t want your messages. It’s naturally easier to leave checked if they feel good about your brand’s content.

“Our goal isn’t to shove content into Inboxes, it’s providing something worth reading.” Anum Hussain @anum


Tip 6: Be Delightful

Since my job as a Brand Evangelist at PeopleMetrics is concerned about experiences and collecting feedback from those experiences, I was super happy to attend Loree McDonald's panel on delighting customers.

She positioned the customer as vitally important to marketing efforts. A 10% rise in customer retention can affect a 30% increase in the value of a company. Collecting customer feedback is a good way to measure and deliver customer delight throughout your organization.

“Customer Delight is about knowing the impact you have on customers.” Loree McDonald @loreemcdonald


Starting Philadelphia's Inbound Marketing and Sales Generation Scene

In meeting some great people, and hearing about the great events that other HubSpot Usergroup's around the world were doing, I decided to start the Philadelphia HubSpot Usergroup. Philly is an exciting hub of professionals, yet many networking events are not aimed at content marketing and inbound sales. 

There are quite a few other events I've been to: Creative Connects, PANMA, PhIMA. All great events, but none are focused on content or inbound. 

In the Philadelphia area and want to come to our next event? Register here or click the button below. 

Eventbrite - Sales and Marketing Tips and Tricks: Philly HubSpot User Group