There are three main things I do when starting to get to know my audience.

These tips to understanding your customers can scale any marketing practice you might be working on right now.

Talk To Your Customers First

Look at the people you are currently selling to. Are they your ideal target for what you are trying to accomplish?

The most important part of this conversation is listening.

Make a list of your top 5 repeat customers and have an individual in-depth interview with them. Ask questions about what matters to them.

You'll start to understand what makes them tick.

More tactically, the feedback here can help you create your product comparison page or can steer you towards blog topics that will resonate.

Use the Data You Have

Second, if you have a customer survey in place, scour through the data.

You'll begin to create real understanding by looking at this data after your customer interviews.

Your customers can tell you anything from who the best employees you have in your organization are to what common problems your customers face everyday with your company.

Create a Customer Advisory Board

Finally, create an ongoing council of your best customers.

Have regular meetings with them, and provide perks for those that participate. Having this advisory board of customers that you can go to not only provides amazing content for you, but has a secondary benefit of delighting your customers and providing a forum where they can express what they want you to know.

Go forth and differentiate!